Welcome to UtiliNex, where we are
all about providing world class residential
and commercial installation services
for our esteemed clients.

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Who we are and
what are we doing

We are a relatively young company, but we come with decade’s worth of combined experience in installation services and have since the few years of our existence made a long-lasting impact in the installation services industry. UtiliNex was founded in 2015 and came into existence because there was a need for stellar installation services and we had the expertise and passion to fill that need.

We are Experts in their Systems

Be Safe
With Us

We are a safety conscious organization and dedicate an enormous amount of time to safety and precautionary measures.
Won’t you come in now and let’s get talking. We are excited to take you on as our new client, and will do all that is in our power to meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

We come to work every day driven by the ambition of becoming the area’s top provider of service installations in the telecommunications business. We have fashioned out a process through which we intend to achieve this goal, and work with a four-pronged approach.