We offer a variety of services covering areas such
as cable, phone and data installation, line
maintenance disconnects, system rebuilds,
but our area of expertise is in cable installations and troubleshooting.

UtiliNex Services. UtiliNex Installation


UtiliNex is an expert in cable installations, and
we are well versed in the science of providing
installation services in telecommunication distribution.
Our crews are well trained in all safety regulations,
and well-versed in all installation requirements.


We are not only experts when it comes to cable
installations. We are also experts in troubleshooting,
diagnosing and proffering, and implementing workable
solutions to clients’ previously installed
telecommunication system problems.

UtiliNex Services. Troubleshooting.
UtiliNex services. UtiliNex installation


We take our troubleshooting expertise very seriously and
we are always ready to take on our clients’ repair needs
if we discover there is a need for repairs. It is near
impossible to find good specialists who not only diagnose
problems but that are also well equipped to implement
repairs. UtiliNex is one of the very few service
providers that is able to do this.