The only way to not work a day in your
life is to do the work you love. Utilinex
offers you that opportunity.

utilinex teamwork

Why join
our team?

Create your future!

This is a workspace where everybody’s input and contributions are respected, and where we take it upon ourselves to continually train and retrain employees to be the industry’s best in what they do. This is why we hire individuals that are never content with the status quo, but who are always forging ahead in spite of their own limitations, forever in the pursuit of performance improvement, and always driving to surpass the next goal.

Our Values

We put our clients at the center of everything that we do, as this is essential to providing a high-quality, recommendable and consistent client experience.



We always operate from the stand of strong moral principles.


Every Utilinex job
has the stamp
of excellence
on it.


We will never complicate challenges that can be easily resolved.


We are an ethical business that will always keep itself accountable to its clients and partners.

«There is nothing as satisfying as doing what you love to do, and being given the opportunity to be creative as a problem solver and solution provider. Working with Utilinex has opened up new opportunities for me to learn and to put what I have learnt into practice. What more, Utilinex is a professional setting that also operates as a family, as we are all treated exceptionally well by the management team.»

Mat Riaz
Field Supervisor

Do you have what
it takes to join us?

We rely on the strength of our team,
working closely with our employees in
a bid to build a creative, innovative,
and mutually beneficial work environment.



Team players are the very best kind of employees, and every hand at Utilinex is always on deck in the pursuit of the same goals.

Soft skills

We are not only great service providers, but are also great communicators and customer service-oriented in all that we do.

Solution providers

We consider our job only done when we have effectively provided solution to the challenges faced by our clients.


We work with individuals who are willing to learn and who are always reaching for the skies.

Broadband technician

Open Positions

If you’re interested in bringing your passion
and energy to our team, take a look at our
current opportunities.


Broadband Technician

Customer Service Representative